I highly recommend Michele Barnette, Click-it Realty

We paid the fee and the next day received an email from Michele Barnette from Click-it Realty. I completed and signed the paperwork and emailed it to Michele. Then I completed the online form that lists all the details for your house – which is what is published on the MLS. I had a few questions regarding the MLS form – Michele answered them quickly and we were on our way. The next day, Michele emailed the MLS listing for our house. I noted a few items that needed to be changed. Michele emailed me at 10PM letting me know the changes were made. I call that dedication.

Instantly your house is being marketed everywhere. Every major real estate website and firm (yes all the local real estate firms) show your MLS on their sites. We began to receive calls from interested buyers directly and from buyers agents. My husband and I were able work with the buyers to find mutual convenient times to show our house. Really in hindsight, working with Click-it Realty and showing our house was the easy part. The hard part was staging our house for the sale. We decluttered and repainted with neutral colors.

Well all the hard and easy work paid off. The second couple that saw our home made us a good offer. We sold our house in less than 2 weeks. Because our buyer did not have an agent we saved over $15,000. Flatfeelisting.com is a no brainer. We would definitely use them again. We are currently helping our neighbor through the process. As soon as their house was listed on the MLS with the help of Michele and Click-it Realty, they immediately received calls from interested buyers.

I highly recommend Michele Barnette, Click-it Realty

Thanks again for all your support. We really appreciate it.