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Flat Fee MLS is a service that we provide that will list your home or property in the same MLS (Multiple Listing Service) database that all major Real Estate companies use. Your home will also be found on Realtor.com®, Trulia, Zillow, Google, Aol, Yahoo, Excite, MSN, and many other internet sites (as long as these sites participate in the MLS’s syndicated feed)that consumers can search directly.
How do I save by using Clickit Realty?
Instead of paying a listing commission, you pay a flat fee which saves you thousands of dollars at closing. Lets set up a few scenareos to better explain your savings. In all scenarios, lets assume that your home is selling for $500,000.

  • (Scenario 1) You do not choose a flat fee package, instead you went with a traditional real estate agent. The sale of your house could cost you 6% of $500,000 which is $30,000. No savings there.
  • (Scenario 2) You purchase a $300 Flat Fee Listing package and because your home is listed on the MLS, a realtor has found you a buyer. You choose the amount of commission to pay that realtor/selling agent (typically between 1 – 3%). Lets say you chose 2%. Your total cost to sell your home is now only $10,300 (Flat Fee Package plus the 2%). That’s a savings of $19,700!
  • (Scenario 3) You purchase a $300 Flat Fee Listing package and a buyer came to you direct; The buyer found your property on realtor.com® or any of the other sites you will be listed on. The total cost to sell your home is only $300. a savings of $29,700! Now thats SAVINGS!!!
Why Clickit Realty is the best choice for Flat Fee MLS Listing Services
We are the DIRECT MLS provider! We do not refer your order to a 3rd party.
Most importantly it is to save thousands of dollars in commission! You don’t need to pay a 6% commission in today’s Real Estate Market place. You never pay us a commission, only our Flat Fee for the listing. You only pay the amount you want to pay to the cooperating broker/buyer agent that sells your home 1-3% and it is your decision! We are the perfect solution to the For Sale By Owner/FSBO sale. You have so much exposure through all the syndicated sites that you have a good probability to reach buyers direct! Then you pay zero commission! You have control over the sale of your home! You don’t need someone else making decisions for you. Offers will be made direct to you and you respond accordingly. Your MLS listing would be posted in the same MLS system that the local Brokers use! As a traditional FSBO you do not have access to the Brokers MLS database. With Clickit Realty’s FLAT FEE MLS LISTING you have that exposure without the huge commission! And you have exposure on the #1 national consumer site; REALTOR.COM®!
What is the MLS?
The MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, is a database only accessable by licensed Brokers, Sales Associates, & Realtors. The MLS is where other agents will find your listing and show it to their respective clients / customers.
Is the MLS the best way to sell my home?
Yes, the vast majority of homes are sold through the MLS due to the large network of REALTORS® working with home buyers. “The MLS” is the secret to success of real estate sales, directly responsible for about 4 of 5 sales nationwide. About 85% of home buyers use a REALTOR® to help them locate a property. When a possible buyer contacts a Real Estate Agent regarding a home purchase, the Agent will search the MLS for homes matching the buyers’ desires, wants and needs. Statistics show that homes listed on the MLS sell faster.
Will realtors show my home even if I am not listed with their company?
Yes, the purpose of the MLS is for realtors to show each other’s listings.
What is the difference between a “Selling Agent” and a “Listing Agent”?
  • A Listing Agent is the real estate agency who lists your home in the MLS.
  • A Selling Agent is the real estate agency who actually sells the property.
  • The term “Agent” means a licensed sales person. Some people use the word agent while others use realtor (which is a designation).
Can I just have my home listed on Realtor.com® and not on the MLS?
No, you must first be listed in the MLS before your home will appear on Realtor.com®. This is because realtor.com® receives their listings directly from the MLS. There is no other way to download into Realtor.com®.
How much commission do I have to pay to the Buyer’s Agent?
The commission the Seller pays the Cooperating Broker/Buyer’s Agent is totally up to the Seller. We recommend 1-3% offering.
If I find my own buyer, will I still have to pay a selling commission?
No. If you find a buyer for your home with no Agent being the procuring source, there is no commission to pay.
Can I cancel my Flat Fee Listing at anytime?
Yes, you can cancel anytime unless you have a pending offer. If you have a pending offer then we update the MLS to Pending. Just notify us via email.

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